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Bader mosquito pest control in michigan

Who We Are

We are a family-owned company based in Fenton, Michigan with 20 years experience in the mosquito pest control industry. We know how precious our Michigan summers are, and we strive to make them as enjoyable as possible.

Summer is short...get out and enjoy it!


We serve primarily Genesee, Livingston, Oakland and the surrounding areas with top-of-line, proven, mosquitos control materials to make your yards, communities, and the outdoors safer and enjoyable for you and your loved ones.


Our core values:

1. Integrity - We will always do the right thing and act with honesty no matter the challenge.

2. Accountability - Responsibilty for our actions and how those actions impact others.

3. Safety -  Commitment to our customers, communities, and the environment with sound safety practices and attitudes.


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