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Q: Are your products safe around children and pets?

A: Safe is not a word in our vocabulary. It is actually illegal for us to say our treatment is safe and there is some risk in everything. Although, when applications are made according to the material manufacturer's recommendations or the product label, inherent risks are greatly reduced.


Q: Do bats helps reduce mosquitos?

A:  Not significantly.  Mosquitos will make up about 1% of its diet during a single night.  Because mosquitos do not provide enough calories, bats tend to go after larger insects such as moths. 


Q: Are mosquito magnets effective?

A: No. They will not signifcantly reduce the mosquito population since they serve a very small area.  If you do have one, we recommend placing the magnet away from your gathering area so as not to attract the mosquitos to you.


Q: I was thinking of getting a misting system. Do they work?

A: There are several concerns with this type of system. They spray at timed intervals and does not monitor mosquito activity so there is potential to put a chemical into the enviroment that does not need to be there. There is also the risk for pesticide exposure since people and pets are not aware of when the treatment will occur.


Q: Will your treatment eliminate all my mosquitos?

A: No, these types of programs can only control the population, not eradicate them. It would be extremely difficult and cost prohibitive to treat every possible mosquito habitat. However, it is possible to control them in areas where as the nuisance is greatly reduced.


Q; Does your treatment kill other bugs?

A: Yes. All pesticides are considered "broad-spectrum" and will kill a variety of pests.


Q: Will your treatments prevent mosquito-borne disease?

A: While our treatments will reduce the risk of diseases such as West Nile virus, Eastern Equine Ensephlitis (EEE), and Heartworm by reducing the mosquito population, we cannot 100% gaurentee a disease-free environment. For more information visit the CDC at 


Q: My city currently has a mosquito control program, is it worth getting extra protection?

A: While municpal programs are extremely effective because they cover a larger area, there are what we call "hot-spots" that require supplemental control.  These "hot-spots" are usually more accessible with a back-pack applying a harborage barrier as opposed to a vehicle-mounted sprayer.

For more information, visit the Michigan Mosquito Control Association and the American Mosquito Control Association

Frequently Asked Questions

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