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mosquito pest control in michigan

Quality Mosquito Control Services


Our company believes in being a good steward of our environment through sound mosquito management practices; specifically an integrated pest management program (IPM). This consists of synthetic, biological, and physical means of control.

We will inspect your property for feasability and the most accurate and approriate cost.


Harborage Barrier

We will treat dense foliage, wooded areas, dark and moist areas (i.e. under decks) where mosquitos rest. Our product will kill mosquitos on contact and also create a barrier on the leaves by killing any mosquitos that land on them.



Mosquitos lay eggs in stagnant water or in areas that will collect water. We will sample any standing water on your property and apply bacteria to kill the mosquito larvae if needed.


Physical Control

We will also assess your property for areas where mosquitos may potentially breed. We affectionally call these places "mosquito farms" and are likely to include bird baths, planters, buckets, childrens toys, eaves troughs, etc.  We will suggest that you montior these areas following rain events and eliminate any standing water to reduce your potential for mosquito annoyance.


We use a 21 day residual application. Our products will kill mosquitos on contact as well as create a barrier around your property.

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